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Pool Leak Detection In Texas

If you have been noticing a change in the water level of your pool, there is a possibility that your pool may have a leak. Pool-Leak-DetectionDon’t let your money go down the drain with a pool leak. Call Fiberglass Pools Remodeling LLC for pool leak detection. We have been servicing the Texas area with our skilled pool leak detection expertise for decades.

Here at Fiberglass Pools Remodeling LLC, one of our specialties is pool leak detection and repair, along with anything else we can do to make your swimming pool environment more enjoyable. Our highly trained technicians will inspect your pool and equipment and perform a complete plumbing and seam leak test. We’ll also provide an estimate to fix your pool and make recommendations about the best way to go about it.

Swimming pool leak detection is a highly specialized trade. Leaks can do a lot of damage quickly and an untrained eye will have trouble spotting them, costing hundreds of dollars each day. At Fiberglass Pools Remodeling LLC, we use leak detection technology that lets us find even the most difficult leaks hidden under plumbing or pool decking. Call us today for a pool leak inspection: (512) 944-0257.

What is pool leak detection

Pool Leak Detection

We know your pool is an important part of your family’s fun and is a worth while investment in your home. The last thing you want is this valuable asset leaking water and causing damage to surrounding infrastructure and landscaping. Identifying leaks early can save money, reduce damage and protect property values. When your pool is leaking, you need to take action fast and you need help from a professional.

Depending on your pool or spa set up the technicians at Fiberglass Pools Remodeling LLC will pressure test your pipes or dive in your pool to locate the leaks. We have underwater microphones and other specialty tools and equipment to help us accurately locate leaks of all types.We have all the diving equipment and expertise necessary to locate small leaks underwater.

One of the most common forms of pool leak detection uses a compressed air system to pressurize the water pipes. The air displaces the water until a leak is found and the air pressure disperses. Not all leak detection companies utilize this technology and equipment, which can mean more invasive methods using jackhammers.

Our keys to accurate pool leak detection:

  • Expertly Trained Technicians

    Their unique skills and specialized training enable them to accurately locate even the most difficult leaks, while protecting your property from damage or destruction. Our technicians complete the most extensive and rigorous training program in the industry to prepare them for their work.

  • Cutting Edge Equipment

    We have developed and implemented proprietary technologies and methods to guarantee the most accurate, least destructive, non-invasive leak detection possible.

Our goal at Fiberglass Pools Remodeling LLC is to make you happy. Call us for a pool leak inspection at (512) 944-0257.

Common Types of Pool Leaks

Fiberglass Pools Remodeling LLC provides pool leak detection and solutions to homeowners and business owners who have a pool, spa or fountain leak situation. Experienced in the pool leak detection business for decades, we are proud of the reputation we have built for getting the job done fast and efficiently.

We have extensive experience with pool, spa, fountain, and plumbing repairs. Our specially trained technician’s have a variety of state-of-the-art, non-destructive leak detection equipment and proven isolation methods to positively locate and professionally repair any water pipe leak on your property.

Here are a few types of common pool leaks:

  • Pressure-side return leak

    A leak that forms due to the pressure on the plumbing.

  • Suction-side leak

    A sign of this leak is a buildup of air inside the filter tank.

  • Crack in the plaster, fiberglass or vinyl

    A pool that won’t stop leaking might have shell damage.

Fiberglass Pools Remodeling LLC is your pool leak detection company

Our expertise and industry-leading technology enable us to locate all types of leaks, specializing in hidden pool leaks. Fiberglass Pools Remodeling LLC manages the entire process—from finding your pool leak with specialized equipment, extracting the concrete or flagstone, repairing the leak, and restoring your swimming pool deck like nothing ever happened. With Fiberglass Pools Remodeling LLC:

  • We have extremely specialized and accurate leak detection equipment

  • We will find and fix your pool leaks

  • We have the expertise to fully repair and refurbish your pool deck

Our non-destructive leak detection methods consistently locate leaks with minimal damage and disruption to your property. We accurately pinpoint the source of the leak’s location, avoiding the unnecessary mess and expense of tearing open walls, floors, and ceilings or digging up your entire yard and landscape.
Our highly trained and certified technicians will inspect the pool equipment and perform a complete plumbing and seam leak test. This process involves diving in the pool and thoroughly inspecting every square inch. Temporary repairs can be made underwater, but in some cases, the leak is in the plumbing underground.
In the event of cracked or broken plumbing, the leak will be detected and pinpointed with water/air pressure and confirmed utilizing the most up to date electronic sound equipment. A written estimate will be provided for you before any underground repairs are performed.
Aside from pool leak detection specialists, we are also experts at:

  • Pool remodeling and renovations

  • Pool repair

  • Crack repair

  • Plumbing repair

  • Resurfacing

  • Spa and fountain repair and remodeling

  • System upgrade and repair

  • Coping and tile work

  • Deck resurfacing

  • Baptisteries

  • Commercial enterprises